As a part of, a website devoted to the Geek and computer lifestyle, owner Chris Thomas is proud to announce a new project as a part of his ever-growing network,

“The current website is all about things geeks like: comic books, movies, action figures and the like. just seemed like a perfect fit for what is already there,” said Thomas.

Featuring the perfect décor for the home, office and car, has the perfect gift for the extremely difficult to buy for geek in your life. From the Star Wars fan to the comic book collector or fan of classic video games, find the fix for the geek.

“If you need a Han Solo Carbonite coffee table, a light you punch on and off like in Super Mario Brothers or Star Wars themed family decals, we have what you need,” said Thomas.

Relatively new, Thomas and his followers expect the new website to add new and interesting products in the upcoming weeks.

“Since we are so new at this, there will certainly be new things added in the coming weeks. Check back often to see what is new and interesting. Once word gets out, we have a feeling our followers will add their own products and suggestions,” Thomas said.

Customers and visitors can leave feedback on each of the items for Thomas and his other users to review.

“I want to see some feedback and to hear from people as to what is good and what is not,” Thomas added.

For more information or to check out products, visit

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