The latest sports gear by King Athletic has one side features small bumps great for improved grip and other soft spikes for foot massage. It can be used as a wiggle cushion when sitting, offering the move and sit option to office-bound individuals and energetic students.

King Athletic announces the latest addition to its sports gear collection with the stability balance disc, an exercise equipment that can double as the best chair cushion seating disc for adults and children alike.

The new stability balance disk can replace wobble air seat disks used at home and elsewhere and offers core strength training as it engages the entire core and torso, legs and gluts in a single move.

Made of premium quality material, the wobble chair cushion is firm so when one stands and moves on it, it doesn't deflate. The stability disk for chairs and for standing is made of eco-friendly material and contains no BPAs. It's easy to clean with a slightly damp cloth and can be used at home, at work and in schools.

The wiggle seat cushion helps improve posture, strengthen core muscle groups, and offers overall relief from long-term or short-term back pain and shoulder aches. The balance disk seat helps improve core stability and balance, and can be used as a focus-improving class aide for energetic children and children with ADHD or other educational needs. The stability disc cushion is 13" (33cm) in diameter and comes with a smart pump for inflating the cushion in minutes.

King Athletic offers a lifetime warranty for the Stability Balance Disk to ensure customer satisfaction. The stability cushion disk comes with a full money-back guarantee in case the product has any issues and the company even sends a new wobble cushion to the customer at no additional cost.

The King Athletic stability cushion includes an exercise chart for trainees of all levels to kick-off their exercising and core strengthening as soon as possible.

About King Athletic

King Athletic is a design oriented and innovation focused company, constantly seeking to help athletes of all skill levels reach their peak performance. King Athletic strives to be a leader in the sporting goods and accessories industry (specializing in Jump Ropes) with a brand built on a love and passion for sports and athleticism.

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