Best selling sport and fitness brand King Athletic says jumping rope is a simple and effective training apparatus which helps to bring your body in shape, strengthen the immune system and improve overall health. This sport equipment is compact and easy to use, and due to these qualities a jump rope can rightly be considered one of the most versatile and practical trainers for athletes of all categories.

A skipping rope perfectly replaces any cardio simulator and saves the precious money, the company said. The obtained result of the training with a skipping rope doesn’t knuckle under expensive training devices, and can be used by people of all ages and fitness levels.

The company believes in the benefits of jumping rope, and encourages all of its customers to incorporate a jump rope into their workout regime.

“Jumping forces the back, glutes and calf muscles to work in unision with your hands and feet in motion,” Benjamin Davies, the King Athletic spokesperson, said. “These exercises will help to reduce excess fat from the sides and abdomen, while strengthening the legs. Jumping rope allows the user to focus on good coordination and quick reactions.”

Even specialists recommend you engage with the skip rope; it will save your feet from varicose veins as well as aide in weight training after long term use. It’s best to jump in the morning for 15-20 minutes as it warms up and flexes the muscles in preparation for your workout.

Reasons for which you need to deal with skipping rope
Affordable price and convenience: compared to other exercise equipment, the rope is small, lightweight and doesn’t require much space. (This makes it perfect for travelers.)
Low time commitment: training only takes about 25-30 minutes, which makes it possible to workout from home.
Pleasure: Jumping rope may also relieve stress. Especially if you train to music - this help to boost energy level and positive emotions for the whole day.
Strengthening the muscles: with daily practice your body will acquire the desired shape and tone. You’ll see positive results fast.
Calories disposal: the jump rope contributes to weight loss, accelerates the process of lipolysis and activates the metabolism.

Leather Jump Rope by King Athletic helps you save on countless trips to the gym and numerous costly and cumbersome simulators. Training with the King Athletic Leather Jump Rope( helps you get into shape and be healthy in just 20 minutes per day.

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King Athletic
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