Skipping rope is becoming increasingly popular nowadays. Professional trainers are developing new exercises, producing training videos, and those who dream of a beautiful figure have already made their choice in favor of the jump rope. Even the simplest variant of the rope is much cheaper than a gym’s membership fee, and you can get one of the highest quality from best-selling fitness equipment brand King Athletic for under $10.

“The biggest problem consumers are faced when buying a jump rope online is choice of store with better assortment,” King Athletic spokesperson Davie Jones said. “Choose a product that’s the most effective and convenient option of the appropriate length, and look for a jump rope with adjustable length handles. Our Hyper Jump rope amounts to 10 feet in length which makes it an ideal option for people of any growth.”

The main advantage of jumping rope for exercise involves the most common problem-areas - thighs, legs and buttocks. Even just a 15-minute session each day can result in a body size reduction. Furthermore, jumping rope improves lymphatic flow tissue, thereby aiding in cellulite reduction. As a result, the legs become slender and buttocks are tightened.

If the main purpose of your training is weight loss, then you certainly want to know the precise number of calories that you should burn by jumping rope. On average, people who weigh 120-140 lbs can burn on average 750 calories in 60 minutes. Exact number of calories burned depends mainly on your own weight and the number of jumps per minute made. The more jumps you make, the more effectively you burn calories.

“Due to high-quality manufacturing materials (strong wire nodes) the Hyper Jump Rope will maintain its serviceability even with frequent and intensive use,” Davies said.

The official King Athletic website provides more detailed information about the Hyper Jump Rope( Buy a convenient and practical trainer you can count on from King Athletic, a brand you can trust.

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