Future Investor Clubs of America is now accepting registrations for students to attend their 18th Annual  summer camps. The camp includes training, speakers, financial field trips, tours & more!

A majority of parent lack the skills to educate their kids or teens on business and financial matters.  Especially when it comes to banking, insurance, investments, stock markets, commodities and other securities.  Well look no further, because this summer help is on the way.  For the eightteenth consecutive year, Future Investor Clubs of America (FICA) will be hosting its internationally famous FICA Young Investors Wall Street Summer Camps.  Since 1997, thousands of student’s ages 8-19 have successfully completed the FICA financial intelligence training programs.  FICA Camps are very comprehensive, yet presented in a way that's easy  to understand.   FICA Camps are scheduled to be held in the following cities: Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, New York, Orlando, Phoenix, San Francisco, Seattle, Tampa and Washington DC.  

FICA’s Basic, Advance, Executive, International and Leadership financial training camps are designed to help kids and teens ages 8-19 to learn about the world of financial markets, business, saving, and investing.  Parents desiring to increase the business and financial intelligence of their kids and teens are invited to register their student(s) for one or more of the weekly camps.  During the summer camp, Young Investors will enjoy hours of informative curriculum, e-learning, lessons, videos and worksheets covering financial topics such as: banking, savings bonds, financial planning, financial terminology, investing, mutual funds, stock market portfolio development and much more.   

All classroom training applications are presented by experienced professionals, educator and FICA's Certified Financial Intelligence Trainers. In addition, campers get a chance to sit back, relax, listen and learn from some of America’s top corporate executives, investment bankers, stock brokers, analyst, traders, financial planners and other financial industry professionals.  Campers, also get the opportunity to enjoy online money games, build an investment portfolio and participate in carefully designed financial field trips to:  Downtown Business Districts; Investment & Community Banks; Stock Market Brokerages; Angel Investor  Networks; Federal Reserve Banks; Venture Capital Networks; Private Equity Corporations; Hedge & Mutual Fund Corporations; Insurance Companies  and more.  

To learn more about our  Future Investor Clubs of America Camps, tuition, registration, dates, times and locations visit us online at www.ficacamps.com or call 888-320-9990.

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