If you are the proud owner of a business or you are thinking about opening one, then you should know a thing or two about what it means to manage a company in today's competitive business world. One of the most important things that you need to understand is the fact that you will not be able to manage your own company if you do not know what the results of your decisions led to in figures. We are not talking only about profit, but about decisions made at a micro level, a deeper one that involves all the departments. This is where key performance indicators and a balanced scorecard come in to action. If you can measure the performance of your company, then you can make better decisions.


This is because you will have all the numbers on paper that will tell you what departments are doing their job well, what departments are not, what products are selling well, what services have not been successful and so on. Now we have just mentioned a few of the aspects where a balanced scorecard and key performance indicators can help. By looking at these numbers, you are able to see the company through its operational data and make good decisions that will address only specific needs. The only way you can find out about these needs is by taking a good look at these indicators every month and having meetings where you discuss them with your staff.


This means that when it comes to the statements that do not come with the feeling of certainty, key performance indicators and a balanced scorecard is what your business needs. These will make your employees start their sentences with words that show certainty rather than uncertainty. When you talk about business, you need to be able to base your comments on written proof and this is exactly what these indicators are. It is very important to have regular meetings where you discuss the performance of the company in all aspects and to make the necessary changes that would address the problems that need to be solved.


If you do not have such a measurement system, then you do not know where you are standing with the success of your business. You can use financial and non-financial indicators to make an objective evaluation of the actions of the company in the last month. Also, you can use these indicators in all departments, including the ones that do not have anything to do with finances. For instance, if we are talking about labour, we express it in two measurement units such as percentage and monetary units of sales. If you do not know what to track, then you do not know what problems to address. This is where these performance indicators will help.



A company needs to be analyzed and stirred in the right directions by people that base their decisions on facts. In order to have those facts, you need a system that evaluates the performance of the business in all aspects by using key performance indicators and a balanced scorecard. Implement an efficient evaluation system today!