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Kestrel Contractors land drainage options enhances performance of local sports teams by keeping sports pitches in top condition

Hampshire, United Kingdom, January 21st, 2011- UK land drainage legend Kestrel Contractors (www.kestrelcontractors.co.uk) is helping local sports teams increase the quality of their matches, by improving the conditions of the pitches they use. Kestrel Contractors, as a member of the Land Drainage Contractors Association, is a long standing byword for quality and speed of service in the sports drainage industry. The company has both the skill and the experience to pull off the best jobs at the right prices for its clients, is suggesting that a close-season pitch overhaul could pull in the crowds at the beginning of the new sporting year.

Kestrel Contractors delivers land drainage solutions across the board and all over the country, and is able to design, create and install a completely bespoke sports irrigation solution for any type of game or sport that uses turf or any form of pitch. Kestrel has a superb knowledge of and expertise in the area of sporting irrigation: the company has installed pitch drainage solutions for sporting clubs all over the country. It also designs and builds golf courses, which adds to its overall knowledge and efficiency in the medium.

The land drainage provided by Kestrel Contractors (www.kestrelcontractors.co.uk/drainage/) may improve gate receipts for local sports clubs by ensuring a consistent playing surface throughout every stage of the competitive season. Poor pitches can ruin matches, and badly irrigated pitches often lead to games and competitions being cancelled at the last minute. None of these things are good for revenue which is why the proper sports irrigation that Kestrel provides can make a significant difference to the weekly takings. With better playing surfaces, games are guaranteed to stick to fixture lists and to provide the entertainment that fans expect for their money. Kestrel Contractors is helping that entertainment to happen.

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Kestrel Contractors is a UK based land drainage expert offering artificial turf replacement, artificial grass maintenance, turf laying and natural sports turf renovation.


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