APRIL 20, 2015 – Kelly’s Thoughts On Things has grown to super-blog status since its inception. The blog’s founder now taps into a talented team of contributors, as well as her continuing authorship, to deliver in-depth, honest reviews, fun articles, and giveaways.

The blog now has a following that spans tens of thousands of readers who enjoy the new material posted on the website, as well as social media posts and giveaways. At Kelly’s Thoughts On Things, readers can take advantage of gift guides for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, and graduation, as well as a plethora of articles that touch virtually every aspect of day-to-day life. Kelly is also a Brand Ambassador who strives to connect consumers with the perfect products.

Kelly’s Thoughts On Things offers far-reaching fashion, beauty, home, health and fitness, DIY and craft, electronics, and family life articles that span titles such as “Pearl Distributors”, “Choosing the Right Lotion for Baby”, “Organize Your Kitchen Into Work Stations”, “DIY: White Teeth in Under Five Minutes”, and more. Using her own brand of conversational tone, Kelly’s articles hook readers with sensible questions, quirky anecdotes, and relatable content. Her reviews, however, take on an editorial tone that is professional and impartial. Taking a third-party, independent stance, Kelly discusses and demonstrates the pros and cons of various products. From breadboxes to beauty products, Kelly’s Thoughts On Things gives consumers the inside scoop on popular, in-demand products.

Kelly also has a section dedicated to travel that includes a comprehensive list of travel destinations, travel tips, restaurant reviews, attractions, and more. The Kelly’s Thoughts On Things website also includes a collection of recipes that includes DIY baby food, cocktails, and more. Kelly is also an advocate for autism and special needs awareness. Inspired by her own journey with her autistic son, Kelly implements a section just for parents of autistic and special needs children on her website. The section includes tips, products, and books.

Anyone interested in learning about various aspects of day-to-day life, from fashion to popular products, is likely to find Kelly’s Thoughts On Things to be engaging, factual, and fun. The blog is a member of many groups, including MomCentral.com, BlogHer, The Niche Parent Network, and others. More information can be found at http://kellysthoughtsonthings.com.

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Kelly’s Thoughts On Things is a leading blog with tens of thousands of dedicated followers who enjoy her unique sense of style, honest reviews, and captivating articles.


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