Singer, Songwriter, Hip-Hop, Rap & R&B Artist aka Keldamuzik headed out to the Caribbean shores of Barbados on February 24, 2010 to link up with Barbados‘ own Kirk Brown & Strategy the Energy Band for a performance at The Ship Inn, St. Lawrence Gap Barbados on February 25, 2010. Keldamuzik is a California based musical Artist who has set a splendid tradition of performances in the Bay area while producing and starring in her own Community Television show aptly named DIVA TV broadcast across the Bay Area spanning a viewer ship well over 860 thousand viewers and several television stations.

Keldamuzik visited several locations and businesses on the Island and will taped segments of her trip to Barbados for broadcast on her new television show scheduled for airing on The Comcast Network with a featured audience of over 1.5 million viewers in the Bay area inclusive of Los Angeles. Another artist joined Keldamuzik and Kirk Brown of Strategy the Band, New York based and Barbadian born Independent Reggae Artist Roderick Hurley aka “Hotta Flames.”

Keldamuzik stayed at Coral Mist and Blue Orchid Beach Hotel who sponsored her accommodations along with her accompanying background vocalists Nick Nolte and Lingo Starr. While on the Island, Kelda performed “Wind Blow” with Kirk Brown which will be released as a single on her next CD. Her music has also been distributed locally in the Bay Area at FYE, Rasputin‘s, Target, and Wal-Mart to name a few outlets. An additional performance took place with an appearance at one of Barbados premier events Agrofest, featuring performances by veteran “Krosfyah” International Independence Artist Edwin Yearwood who are celebrating their twentieth anniversary in the music business, Kirk Brown and Strategy the Band among others.

Her desire to travel to Barbados was prompted by a visit to a web radio station based in Atlanta Georgia and a program hosted by Co-Founder and Host of the Syndicated Talk Show on the same station, Aubry Padmore.

When asked what was the rationale for creating this performance experience Mr. Padmore said that he felt that Barbadian Independent Artists should have the opportunity to perform with International Independent Artists. This will create an opportunity for performance reciprocity to occur thereby giving the Artists exposure and opportunities for earning money and selling their music and other merchandise.Other location performances to be scheduled are US Virgin Islands, Ohio, Atlanta, New York and Bermuda geared at opportunities for merchandise sales, store placement and distribution including website downloads.

For more information contact Yvette Maynard fu[email protected] or Wendy Bell [email protected]