California, Los Angeles; 10, February 2016: A quick Google search for the term "animal welfare" will yield over 40 million results. It's a topic about which many around the world are passionate, but don't necessarily know where to turn to for reliable information and news. The newly launched World Animal News, dubbed as the CNN for all animal welfare-related news, will become animal advocates hub for breaking animal news stories and updates globally.

Katie Cleary

"I'm so proud to announce the launch of my passion project, World Animal News, which is the source for the latest breaking animal welfare issues worldwide," said Katie Cleary, animal advocate, actress, model, and executive producer and writer of the award-winning documentary Give Me Shelter on Netflix ( "These are issues that I hold close to my heart, and I look forward to providing news coverage of urgent animal issues on a global scale."

World Animals News ( is a site and brand that will raise awareness and educate the public to take action and help save many of the species around the world that depend on us to survive. Katie's team will be covering news stories that otherwise would not have been exposed within the mainstream media. Journalists will report from Africa, India, Asia, Europe, and the United States. WAN is News That Matters, a network that will provide a voice for the voiceless.

Topics will include the plight of elephants and endangered species, animal rescue, factory farming, animal abuse, trophy hunting, animal used for entertainment, amazing animal videos, animal welfare rallies around the world, environmental issues and many more crucial realities.

CNN's Jane Velez-Mitchell will also be a part of the WAN team, she states "I am thrilled to be collaborating with Katie Cleary to expand the reach of JaneUnChained's original video content on compassionate, cruelty-free living through World Animal News. Social media is bringing the images and the information to millions of people offering irrefutable proof that you can survive and thrive without using animals for food, clothing, cosmetics, household products, research or entertainment." "We can end animal exploitation and solve climate change and world hunger with a plant-based lifestyle!"

Actress, model, and activist Shannon Elizabeth is also on board as a guest blogger. "This is a wonderful project to get involved with so that we can help raise awareness about animal welfare issues on a global scale," added Shannon Elizabeth. "It's great that we can all come together for a common cause and share this urgent information with the public."

About WNN:

World Animal News is a global news network creating awareness and change for animal welfare and environmental issues around the world. WAN includes latest breaking news stories and broadcasts as they happen. WAN has journalists around the world from South Africa to the United States. WAN includes action alerts and campaigns on how viewers can get involved and help make a difference for our planet. WAN also has guest celebrity journalists and reporters who believe in using their voice for positive change to help protect animals and our environment.

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