Canada - In the spring season of 2014, the official of America famous fashion brand Kate Spade designed a theme across the whole year which content should be "places to go and people to see". This should be the good news for each Kate Spade fans. Recently, the kate spade canada already released the clothes and other accessories in the new series of 2014 and each girl and woman who has related interesting about them could visit their official website.

As the introduce of editor from site kate spade handbags canada , the general designer of 2014 spring series of Kate spade is the famous Deborah Lloyd who has been inspired by his favorite charming streets and gardens of Europe in the designing process of the Kate Spade new series. As the sayings of designer Deborah Lloyd, main Europe cities Capri, Paris and Monaco three cities also gives him and his team more unique and charming inspiration of the designation of this series of Kate Spade fashion clothes.

The famous designer Deborah Lloyd said that the inspiration from the famous city Capri give should be the warm coastal climate, abundant sunshine, beautiful beaches, as well as charming fragrance lemon trees at everywhere. So, the warmly sunshine should be the main theme of the newly Capri series of clothes. On the other hand, the main rhythm of this series of clothes also includes the floral decoration and lemon printing color. Girl who has ever view the clothes of this series from website could get fully understanding about this.

By the overall speaking, the fashion clothes and accessories of the spring season of this year include the perfectly combination of many bright and cool colors such as the classic black, lighting white, lighting lemon, geranium red, classical purple of South America jasmine, and the attractive French navy blue. On the other hand, for the clothes of this quarter, each girl and woman could also see the bright bold color stitching, watercolor floral printing and creative sense of the full pattern of stripes and plaid. All of these factors and elements could make the clothes own the atmosphere of the beautiful spring day.

In addition to the attractive fashion clothes, the Kate Spade also released many series of new spring type handbag and related accessories. These accessories could highly highlight the effect of the related spring type of Kate Spade spring type of clothes.

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