Summer is quickly approaching, with many hot summer days and nights. There’s no better way to cool down from the heat than with a swim in the pool. With a pool, though, comes safety hazards, responsibility, and upkeep. Not sure what your pool needs this year, or how to better protect your children? Katchakid will give you a free quote today to get you ready for the upcoming season.

Different pools and different families require different safety barriers , and Katchakid realizes this. To better secure your pool and prevent accidents from happening, Katchakid provides a wide variety of pool safety equipment with options tailored to the unique needs of different pools. Katchakid offers many custom made products including pool nets, pool safety fences, pool covers, and pond safety netting. Each product serves different purposes, but all are carefully designed to keep kids safe and to offer peace of mind for parents. Each of these products is custom built by Katchakid to ensure they fit perfectly with your pool. The products come in various colors and styles, but all comply with the strict ASTM safety codes.

In 2016 Texas tied for the State with the most accidental injury death by drowning of children under 15 , causing significant concern about the safety of personal and public pools. Don’t risk another year without the top-of-the-line products that are custom built with your kids in mind. Katchakid strives to make sure that pools are secured and that children are not exposed to the danger of open water.

Katchakid has been serving the Texas community for over forty years. With decades of experience, Katchakid has the knowledge backed up by experience to make pools safer and more convenient for families. The company is endorsed by the American Lifeguard Association and trusted by parents nationwide.

The staff at Katchakid strives to always keep customers in mind. Whether you’re a new pool owner or a new parent, Katchakid will create a welcoming experience. Katchakid’s team is also highly-trained and educated in the industry, so you’ll get exactly the advice and service you need.

To learn more about what your pool needs to be summer-ready and to receive your free quote, check out Katchakid’s website

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