Surat, Gujarat, India; 27, May 2015: According to the central Buddhist belief, all phenomena begin and end with the mind. Our mind and thoughts have the ability to influence our lives and the world around us. This is the reason why the Buddhist doctrine stresses upon Meditation to achieve an inner peace and lead a happy and contented life.

Karma Plate is a website that offers teachings of Buddha and allows the modern generation to celebrate happiness with peace, solidarity and a positive approach towards the life. The website has an adorable collection of Buddhism facts and teachings of Gautam Buddha. The objective of the website is to propagate the wisdoms and psychological insights of the Buddhist principles that can end the sufferings of humans. Besides, people can find practical and useful knowledge that can allow them to achieve the health, vitality and wellness.

According to the website, Lord Buddha is a principle in itself, and his teachings could be the key to achieve peace and goodness with a desired Positivity that enables humans to identify their true self. People who often wander in search of peace, patience and truth can find solace in the teachings of Buddha. For many, Lord Buddha’s wisdom could help them to unlock their hidden potentials to scale higher in all fronts of the mundane life.

Even scientists believe in the Buddhist insights and the practices, rituals and beliefs of the religion. There is hardly any adversary to the Buddhist principles. A proposition like the Law of attraction is well admired by the modern thinkers and knowledge masters as well, which has a deep root into the Buddhist philosophy. The website is a congregation of all thoughts and beliefs that aim at creating an enlightened world order.

People can also learn about Yoga on the site, not only to attain the health benefits, but also for their spiritual awakening. The website reveals many little known facts about the Buddhist philosophy that can ultimately benefit the mankind. One can learn everything about Lord Buddha and his teachings by visiting the website

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Karma Plate is dedicated to making the world a better place for humans. The website offers information and facts that will help people raise their positivity levels and achieve a greater happiness in their lives. The site shares videos, articles and products that will help an individual in his/her quest for spirituality, mind and soul training.

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