02, March 2016: It is a well-known fact that a huge percentage of men dread the approach of Valentine’s Day, having no idea what to buy their partner. Usually celebrated with flowers, chocolates and anonymous declarations of love, Karlin Anderson, a recent interviewee of F&L Designer Guides, suggests taking it one step further. She says: “Proposing on Valentine’s Day with a unique, romance inspired ring will make your partner feel like the most special person in the world!”

After recovering from a motorbike accident she had in December last year, Karlin is back in her studio designing and making her stunning collection of elegant rings - many of which would make the perfect ring for a Valentine’s proposal.

Karlin claims that her gorgeous frangipani flower rings have drawn lots of attention, and it is not surprising. The combination of exquisite detailing and elements of nature create pieces that are soft, romantic and very feminine. Instead of giving flowers this Valentine’s Day, why not give one of these floral inspired rings, which not only looks fabulous but reportedly has symbolic meaning too? In Hindu culture, the frangipani symbolises loyalty, and Hindu women wear a flower in their hair on the day of their wedding to demonstrate loyalty to their husbands - very fitting.

For something stronger in style and bolder in shape, Karlin Anderson recommends her emerald rings. These classic beauties lend themselves perfectly to a Valentine’s Day proposal. Symbolising the onset of spring and the birth of new life, the green in these timeless rings is confident, warm and eye catching.

Some might say that proposing on this, the most amorous day of the year, is somewhat cliché, but proposing with one of Karlin Anderson’s creations makes any element of cliché go right out of the window. Karlin Anderson: “My innovative designs are unique, special and can be created personally for you and your loved one.”

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