Do diets need to be boring, bland, full of tasteless food? Is there a reason why so many people believe that enjoyable food must be unhealthy? Karine Losier, the author of the Metabolic Cooking program shows that the answer to these questions is a resounding No.

Losier, known as the Lean Kitchen Queen, is a bubbling fount of energy, positive advice, and rich information for anyone who wishes to lose weight and cut inches. On more information is revealed about Losier and her work.

In Metabolic Cooking Losier provides over 200 different recipes for health focused men and women who want to get leaner and fitter without having to give up the joy of food. With her partner, Dave Ruel, Losier has crafted an easy to use, rich, and informative guide on nutrition and healthy eating that should appeal to a variety of people, regardless of their favorite foods.

The variety of recipes should make it easy for everyone to find options for easy and healthy cooking to create a new and healthier eating routine.

All of the recipes in Metabolic Cooking are easy to produce, require no expertise in cooking, take a short time to finish, and do not give up taste for weight loss benefits. The dishes are rich in metabolically positive foods, those which allow your body to burn more calories in a faster manner and so create a quick weight loss process.

Metabolic Cooking, which you can read more about here:, includes recipes for various meals of the day, including snacks. It offers light dishes, options for breakfast, recipes for main and side dishes, and so on. With the rich selection of recipes it is easy to improve ones diet routine and begin giving ones body the nutrition ingredients it needs to be healthy, feel better, have more energy, boost metabolism, and burn more body fat quickly.

In all, Karine Losier and her program are a helpful tool to anyone wishing to lose weight.