Kapi Fights for his Love



‘ChidiyaGhar’ is the story of a fun-loving family comprising of different members with their unique mannerisms. As per their different names, all the members exhibit one unique trait that defines their personality and behaviour.


In the recent track, things between Kapi a.k.aSaraanshVermaand TrishikaTripati a.k.a. Chuhiya are starting to comecloserwhen Kapi decides to take Chuhiya home to protect her from her family who wants to get her married to a boy she does not want to get married to.Chuhiya at her heart starts liking Kapi but before this potential love story is given a chance,Chuhiya’s family trace her and they visit ChidyaGhar to take her back home. This is when Kapi starts to feel sad and starts missing Chuhiya. Hereis whenBabuji tells Kapi that he is in love with Chuhiya. Babuji motivates Kapi and tells him not lose hope and tells him to go fight for his love. Kapi with Babuji’s blessings and kind words decides to visit Chuhiya’s town to win her back.


TrishikaTripati who enacts the role of Chuhiya, “This track has taken inspiration from one of the most successful romantic Hindi movie of all times.It was a lot of fun as the whole cast experienced what had actually happened in the movie. As the show takes a little bit of a romantic twist its unique and exciting for everyoneas they all want to know the climax. I am enjoyingworking alongside the cast of ChidyaGharas they make me feel as one of their own.


Will Kapi be able to impress Chuhiya’s family and convince them that Chuhiya’s future lies with him?



Watch the romance between Kapi and Chuhiya flourish on ChidiyaGhar



Tune into ChidiyaGhar to catch all the fun and comedy, from Monday to Friday at 9 pm only on SAB TV!





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