Kairana &  Nirbhay Yatra Depicted In Shorgul?


Sangeet Som  Threatened?



It's interesting to see how Jimmy Shergill-Ashutosh Rana starrer Shorgul that releases in theaters on 24th of June is turning out to be quite the Nostradamus of political dramas with a new twist of real time national news finding its reference in the film.


Recently a scene from the film emerged online that shows Narendra Jha  (who’s on-screen character, Alam Khan is speculated to be inspired by political leader Azam Khan), delivering a hefty speech directly relating to the Kairana issue at a political gathering. While in real life Kairana faces a law and order issue, it is getting a communal colouring through religious connotations being attached to it. Its uncanny as to how a film shot probably a year back, has one of its characters in the film (Narendra Jha) making a direct reference to Kairana. Watch it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AlwfA0_9q5s


Since the release of the film’s trailer, there has been mayhem on how the role essayed by Jimmy Shergeill (Ranjit Om in the film)  has a striking resemblance to  political leader Sangeet Som, who has been connected to the Muzzafarnagar riots in the past. Getting a bit jittery, Sangeet Som had instructed a ban on Shorgul with a PIL being filed against the makers for negative portrayal of his character by Jimmy Shergeill.  While one one hand, Jimmy has consistently denied his character to be a biopic depiction, more similarities between the reel life and real life seem to be emerging with new scenes from the film put out.


With Sangeet Som announcing Nirbhay Yatra March into the Kairana district even after Hukkum Singh requesting him not to, Kairana threatens to remind us of Muzzafarnagar Riots and Shorgul will expose it all on the big screen. Watch  how Jimmy’s character in the film insists on going to the affected areas, while the administration tries to stop him in the similar manner as Sangeet Soam - https://youtu.be/GTwiEzqHH4Y and https://youtu.be/2XPWygNpC5U
A 24 FPS Films Production, Shorgul has been on the radar of various political parties and on the hitlist of the Censor Board with the film already touching upon issues like Muzzafarnagar Riots, Babri Masjid and Godhra riots and now Kairana. The Censor Board had also requested the makers to mute the words Godhra and Gau Ganga from the film which was complied with. Interestingly most of the scenes in the film have been shot during real time political rallies and proceedings and there were instances when the makers were threatened by various social groups thinking that they were instigating riots in the city without realizing a film was being shot.


Swatantra Vijay Singh, Producer, Shorgul, states, “We had done an extensive research on the past communal incidents of our country before going to shoot for Shorgul and will be the first film that dares to highlight the Political manipulation of our religious sentiments. What’s happening in Kairana is really sad, but we all know that this is not for the first time. Kairana has been suffering from a poor state of law and order but vested interests of politicians have been using it to create communal disharmony. Yes our film definitely touches upon various controversial political controversies but it is no way a biopic but more like a need of the hour. We don't wish to defame any political party but we definitely want to highlight various subjects and ensure that audiences go back home with questions and a possible resolve towards a more logical India. "