12, January 2015: A Bangalore based IoT Startup by name Kaiota has come to the rescue of children after the recent incidents of Child abuse in India. Wearable technology and Internet of Things continue to be an area of focus for device makers, large and small. Kaiota is a wearable phone and GPS tracker with electronics small enough to fit into a kid’s wrist.


Regardless of whether the child is travelling, playing or at school, parents can monitor the child’s location and surroundings through advanced GPS and in built microphone. Kaiota is also embedded with an accelerometer, speaker, flexible lithium battery, SOS button, GSM module and USB 3.0 for charging the device.

During any emergency, the child can press the SOS button with which an automated alert will be sent to all the designated family members. With the rate of child abuse incidents increasing at an alarming rate in India, Kaiota is a must have for children between the age group of 3 to 10 years old. Kaiota runs on a smart and efficient IoT (Internet of Things) platform called Traxroot, which through smart algorithms provides analytics along with live and historical reports. Using the Kaiota mobile app you can also set safe zone alerts through virtual geo fencing.

“I came up with this idea of making Kaiota after sighting the recent incidents of child abuse and failed to find a single company which designed and developed a wearable device for child safety in India.” Says 29 year old Founder Kiran Kaushik, “As a kid I always loved the outdoors and wanted a simple mobile gadget, just for simple hi and hellos and to get in touch with somebody when I was in trouble”. Kaiota would not only serve the purpose of keeping in touch with your loved ones by using it as a cell phone watch but would also monitor location and surrounding of the child through smart sensors.

Kaiota uses 2G GSM SIM for connectivity, to power the voice calls and GPS tracking. It is battery powered, water resistant, and the design aesthetics of the GPS watch is to ensure that it is robust enough for outdoor play. Kaiota is designed and developed in India and is a part of Traxoid Automations Pvt Ltd. Preorder your Kaiota today on www.kaiota.com and locate your child at your fingertips.