01, December 2016: If you’ve ever wanted to make money from home, K Money Mastery might be just the course for you. K Money Mastery teaches people how to generate an income from Kindle Publishing. It’s designed by a man called Stefan Pylarinos, and he takes students through dozens of video lessons how to do it.

The question is, is it any good?

Recently, the course was reviewed on Level Up Lifestyle. The reviewer found that the course was helpful. In fact, he managed to make so much money as a result of doing it that he was able to give up his day job.

What Does K Money Mastery Teach?

K Money Mastery Teaches you everything there is to know about Kindle Publishing. It takes users through things like how to design an attractive cover to writing a great title. It also helps with some of the more technical aspects of publishing on Kindle, like how to get good reviews.

For instance, one of the biggest problems that a lot of sellers have is promoting their books. There are millions of books on Kindle, and so getting any individual book to stand out is difficult. K Money Mastery has lessons on this, as well as other subjects related to marketing online.

What Were The Results?

As a result of doing the course, the Level Up Lifestyle reviewer was able to earn a significant amount of money through the Kindle platform. Digital sales for his top grossing month totaled more than $1,757. He also managed to make more than $691 from paperback sales of his book, as well as smaller amounts in other currencies.

What the results proved was that it is indeed possible to make a significant sum of money through Kindle Publishing, once you know how to use it. K Money Mastery helps Kindle users get the best out of the platform by supercharging the learning process.

Important Lessons From The Course

The reviewer says that one of the main things that the course taught him was not to give up. Many people try publishing through Kindle, have no success with their first few books, and then forget about the platform. But with K Money Mastery, he reports, he got better at navigating the platform and was able to use it to his advantage. The reviewer points out that Kindle Publishing requires a bit of practice. You wouldn’t expect to be amazing the first time you play a new sport, he says. Neither should you expect to be amazing first time you start using Kindle Publishing either.

The review also stresses that keyword research is the most important determinant of success on Kindle. Writers who do not find profitable keywords around which to write their books will struggle to make money. Publishers should aim to base their books around the top 100,000 keywords, according to K Money Mastery.

About The Reviewer:

The reviewer was ultimately able to quit his day job and work from home after going through the K Money Mastery course. But he also makes it clear that this is not a get rich quick scheme. It took around 18 months working 3 to 5 hours per week to achieve the results he did.

You can find the full review on Level Up Lifestyle’s website.

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