This aims to help the blind read real time text with optical character recognition

People who wish to know more about the innovative software that is aimed to make the lives of the blind easier, can consider the technology at the below mentioned website. It has been designed by Juthawong Naisanguansee and promises to be a unique solution that is effective and easy.

It is important for the blind to have a reliable technology with which they can carry on with their daily activities without having to rely on others. Things such as reading books, billboards, train station boards and more through glasses, mobile phones, notebooks, PCs, etc, can help them in many of their tasks. There have been many developments in the software for all such tools.

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About Ampare Read For Blind
Ampare Read For Blind is one of the better known ones that are based on optical character recognition and image processing, amongst many other advanced technologies. It has been created by Juthawong Naisanguansee and is in the experimental stage.

The website says, "Understanding the needs of the blind and ensuring that they are able to make the most of our technology is what we aim to accomplish. Juthawong Naisanguansee is a pioneer in the same and had introduced the solution 3 years ago. They are now inviting hardware experts and investors who believe in the cause so that the same can be made available to those who need it."

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The website claims that anyone who is interested can test the technology by visiting the web pages. In case of any specific queries, they have a team of experts who are available to provide timely solutions. This copyrighted technology is ready to be used and is inviting people to be a part of a new movement.

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Juthawong Naisanguansee, Managing Director, Ampare Engine
Address: 117/48 Soi Chinaket Ngamwongwan Rd. Thungsonghong Lak Si, Bangkok, Thailand
Email: [email protected]
Phone : +6686-812-3348