Should you go searching for insurance coverage you will probably find a number of different insurance companies out there. Every one has its own set of policies and each set of policies varies a little. They need to else they may discover that they're infringing on the other company's copyright rights. A company that really has their hands on some thing unique is PPS.

PPS is short for Professional Provident Society. The name is fairly self explanatory. The professional would mean any person that has a four year degree in a qualified field. The degree can be from a selection of universities or from a small number of technikons. The word "provident" is derived from the term "provide". So, in a nutshell, PPS is a society which means to provide for the financial future of its members who're all professionals. This sounds like a great idea!

There are plenty of different companies that are members of the actual PPS group. Every one of them is actually dedicated to supplying financial services of some type to individuals with degrees. There are medical aid businesses as well as insurance companies and a selection of other financial services that are part of the group. It really is possible for a professional to have all their financial products done through a member of the PPS group.

The fantastic thing about this group is they are extremely financially secure. They have made excellent investments and also have become extremely financially secure in the process. They are in absolutely no danger of going under so you can invest your money with them with complete peace of mind. There are hardly any financial service providers who're as secure as PPS.

The PPS group isn't limited to South Africa any more either. They've opened a Namibian branch as well and therefore are continuously growing as well as spreading. If you're worried about BEE, then PPS has you covered there as well. They're completely BEE compliant as well as proud of it!

You will not find PPS listed on the stock exchange though. They're completely owned by their members. They operate on the actual mutuality system which means that they do not do anything whatsoever without the permission as well as approval of their members. This is just one more thing that sets this particular group of businesses aside from other financial service providers.

As you should be able to see right now, the actual PPS group of companies is actually something different. There isn't any other company quite like them on this continent. That is probably a good thing as the supply of professionals is rather limited and one company having the lion's share is probably a good thing. If you happen to have a 4 year degree to your name which qualifies you for membership to the PPS group then you definitely may want to look into becoming a member of. There are plenty of advantages to being part of this elite group. Your investments will be safe and your financial future is a great deal more safe than it could be with any other company.

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