When they launched the CloudV Classic Essential Oil Vaporizer years ago I can imagine they had no idea it would take off and dominate the market as the smallest and most award-winning portable vaporizer on the market. But after they  released the CloudV Phantom Dry Herbal Vaporizer and it topped the charts in the same pattern they must have figured they? do what any company would do vis-vis Apple?ake another sized version of the same quality. CloudV's minis are smaller than a $100 dollar bill, and smaller than an iPhone 6, so you can fit these vapes into your life (and your pockets) and hardly notice they're there.

At 4.1the CloudV Classic is incredibly small and discreet, but when CloudV came out with the CloudV Classic Mini at 3.5it is so small you can hide it completely in your hand. The original CloudV Phantom sat pretty at 6.7but then it was decided to shrink it to 5.3inches to make the Phantom Mini. Why? Because they can, and because the more discreet the vape the more places you can use it. Even the Cloud Tool is only 3.2long, and there is punched a hole at the end of it so you can keep it on your key ring if you want to!

We found this information on cloudvapes.com, ?oth the CloudV Classic Mini and CloudV Phantom Mini are under $100, because we know it? hard to ball on a budget. Quality is important and innovation keeps us running the game and keeping your hands full of the best vapes on the market. Don't want the mini? Pick up the big daddy dry herb vape, the CloudV Phantom Premium, or the CloudV Classic original vape pen, and see how nicely they fit in your hands and your life.”

Media Contact
Company Name: Cloud V Enterprises
Contact Person: Michael Hesser
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 800-707-4206
Address: 206 N Jackson St #301
City: Glendale
State: CA
Country: United States
Website: http://cloudvapes.com