(Free Press Release) Portsmouth NH, January 25, 2012 — In today's marketing environment inbound marketing plays an important role in good SEO. Jungle Torch (http://www.jungletorch.com) is a web, SEO, and social media company that are dedicated to helping your company develop successful inbound marketing strategies.

Getting qualified customers is the goal of any marketing professional. You will find that customers who actively search for a solution and find your company are the most qualified leads. Inbound marketing focuses on bringing these qualified leads to your company. A successful inbound marketing campaign involves, strong SEO, social media, and high keyword ranking among other things.

Jungle Torch can help your company optimize its website and strengthen inbound marketing in several ways. Using the SEO Dashboard you are able to see your keyword rankings and where your top three competitors rank on these same keywords. Eliminating bad links is important to SEO and inbound marketing. The SEO Dashboard allows you to see all the bad links on your website in one place. This eliminates the time intensive process of checking each page on your website individually, giving you more time to focus on improving your companies inbound marketing strategy.

If inbound marketing isn't a priority to your company it should be. Customers seeking a solutions come to your company already interested, these leads have been proven to be more qualified and to produce revenue quicker than other customers. Without inbound marketing, your company could be missing out on valuable opportunities with qualified customers.

About Jungle Torch

The Jungle Torch is an advanced SEO report and Social media tool that gives unprecedented insight into a company‘s SEO and Social media and Inbound Marketing. Purpose-built by some of the pioneers of online search engine technology, JungleTorch consolidates diverse online marketing analytics into a powerful SEO report platform. Using a best-in-class sentiment engine, JungleTorch provides an easy-to-understand single view into Twitter, Facebook, weblogs and news sources with targeted identification of postings relevant to the user‘s organization, as well as a complete sentiment analysis that determines whether online comments are trending positively, negatively or neutral. In addition to tracking social media, Jungle Torch also gives users the ability to measure the success of SEO report programs by offering an SEO report that includes the rank of a user‘s Website based on hundreds of keywords and phrases, Jungle Torch issues a comprehensive SEO report on the SEO friendliness of a Website, inbound and outbound linking, and 15 other critical SEO metrics. It also measures competitive SEO, inbound and outbound linking. Jungle Torch is based in Portsmouth, N.H. For more information, please visit http://www.jungletorch.com.