(Free Press Release) It‘s hard for successful business owners who have been around for years with to trade in traditional techniques for some of the new modern marketing techniques. If your business has been using direct mail as the top marketing strategy for years, how do you change now? Jungle Torch (www.jungletorch.com) understands that the online world can be intimidating, and that‘s why we‘ve created a social network analysis tool.

Jungle Torch‘s social network analysis tool will not only help your business with SEO efforts, but it can also get your business‘ foot in the door to understanding this online world of social media. Jungle Torch will help you through introducing your business to these social media sights, and the social network analysis tool will monitor your presence on these sites once you‘ve started.

The social network analysis will aggregate all the data from theses sites into one easy to use dashboard. Because all of the data is right there in the dashboard, it eliminates wasting time navigating through social media sights looking for content relating to your business. The social network analysis tool will separate the data into different sentiments, which allows you to easily sort through negative or positive comments to learn from what others are saying about your business.

Jungle Torch will continuously check this social network analysis and provide suggestions for your business. We can suggest specific keywords that your company should focus on, we can help you post on Twitter and Facebook, and also help implement a blog into your business strategy. Jungle Torch is dedicated to helping your business successfully use our social network analysis tool to better understand the world of online social media.

About Jungle Torch
The Jungle Torch is an advanced SEO report and Social media tool that gives unprecedented insight into a company‘s SEO and Social media by providing a social network analysis. Purpose-built by some of the pioneers of online search engine technology, JungleTorch consolidates diverse online marketing analytics into a powerful SEO report platform. Using a best-in-class sentiment engine, JungleTorch provides an easy-to-understand social network analysis, single view into Twitter, Facebook, weblogs and news sources with targeted identification of postings relevant to the user‘s organization, as well as a complete sentiment analysis that determines whether online comments are trending positively, negatively or neutral. In addition to tracking social media, Jungle Torch also gives users the ability to measure the success of SEO report programs by offering an SEO report that includes the rank of a user‘s Website based on hundreds of keywords and phrases, Jungle Torch issues a comprehensive SEO report on the SEO friendliness of a Website, inbound and outbound linking, and 15 other critical SEO metrics. It also measures competitive SEO, inbound and outbound linking. Jungle Torch is based in Portsmouth, N.H. For more information, please visit http://www.jungletorch.com/