You may remember the outrageous story of Heidi Peterson and the Squatter Tracey Blair, the write in presidential canidate with her claimed help from the Obama affiliated Acorn community for affordable housing organization, stripped Ms. Peterson’s home. Then under the instruction of Maureen Taylor s of Michigan Welfare Rights Organization, she put a lien on this home.

Since it took about a year for Wayne County to removed the fraudulent lien Ms. Peterson and her one year old child were holed up in the house in the addict until she could sell the house. They had to live in the addict because there was lead paint chips everywhere after the damage done by the squatters.  This lead poisoned her daughter and caused neurological hearing loss. The baby was not the only person injured An older man protecting the home had a heart attack while defending the home from the african American gangs stripping the home, who the police refuse to arrest.

Then the property damage which included massive theft, missing radiators and doors and the city water department flooding the property. The first judicial shock was Marianne O’Battani believes that all these actions are legal shield under the law which gives squatters adverse possession rights.   She refused to answer the question if this law was in violation of constitutionally protected property rights and subsequently the case was dismissed up to the supreme court for the not factual reason that the value of the case was under $75000.

Then judge Ryan made sure to ruin the last of hope for this fragile group by claiming no one will be responsible and the plaintiff was denied motions to discovery while all what the defendants asked for he gave them and the city has immunity.

We see American cities burn in the same fashion detroit did remember these are the people who take over and they have no problem destroying and stealing and killing families and these judges are right there to shield their politically dangerous actions.

Case numbers to reference are 13-001093 3rd circuit

2:13-cv10348 Easter District Of Michigan  United States District Court
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