The name Curse and Kisses is no mistake. Curse and Kisses put a great deal of thought into the name Curse and Kisses. Curse and Kisses has special meaning and is relevant to so many people's lives.

Judas Iscariot was the first biggest offender with a kiss. By this simple act that is supposed to be one of love he easily condemned Jesus Christ and since that time the kiss has become a dual edged sword. A kiss can be the thing that signs you to a life of condemnation.

The right kiss from the right person can bring you to a place of great joy but it can also bring you to your knees and leave you wanting more. Curse and Kisses is a name that expresses the enigma of manic depressive love, sex and all the dirt that goes along with both.

Judas Was Not The Only One

Judas may have been the first recorded person to betray someone with their kiss but he sure was not the last. Any broken heart boy or girl can tell you how confusing it is when the kisses are so sweet but the pain is so bad to follow.

Curse and Kisses is the epitome of that betrayal. It embodies how awful that kiss can be but how sweet it tastes when you are getting them.

Kisses and betrayal quickly became a part of cultures around the globe. The “kiss of death” was used by soldiers, mafia members, presidents and others. It has been used as a way to identify the next victim of regimes it has been a sweet way to betray someone.

The kiss an innocuous lip touching lips or lips touching the face or head. Seemingly sweet. A nice gesture. So many things but yet it has broken hearts, burned down cities and ultimately took Jesus Christ to his crucifixion.

It is a lovely, sad, cursed gesture. One that is never forgotten especially when it is Curse and Kisses combined. The name Curse and Kisses is a foreshadowing to the fact that you will not soon forget the music of Curse and Kisses.

The sick music of Curse and Kisses is sure to stick with you like that first kiss that broke your heart, the one you never forget. Curse and Kisses is the radical new innovative indie sound out of Orlando that is going to stick with you like that first cursed kiss.

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