Indonesia - The Indonesian site has brought the best rated movies from all regions of the world, with easy to understand Indonesian language subtitle for the Indonesian movie freaks. Movie freaks don’t want to get restricted for the language barrier when the story is good, and when the movie is a global hit. To make it easy for the locals of Indonesia, to watch a good movie and understand the meaning scene by scene, the brings all movies with Indonesian subtitles. is for online viewing of movies. The website has a diverse collection of movies of all genres. The main menu states all the genres like action, horror, drama and anime. Among the drama genre movies, Japanese, Korean and Chinese movies are also listed. Several language movies and mainly the Asian ones are listed under the film categories.

Besides a dedicated TV section of the site lists the major popular TV channels of Indonesia. These channel programs can be watched live on the site. The channels has to be selected from the list to see what is playing currently, and even old programs of previous dates of those channels are available for viewing on the site.

A section on the website also states the recommended movie for the movie freaks, which one may view by opening the link directly. Every movie name is accompanied by the poster, and with a short synopsis of the movie. This is to introduce about the movie story in short to the audience.

Every movie on the site is available to watch online free of cost. They do not charge anything for watching any number of movies. For more information on the movies available, new movies added and latest recommendations, one may visit the site at


Juara Movies is an online platform for viewing the hit and popular movies of any language, which are globally hit, and comes with the Indonesian subtitles.

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