-Discovery channel gets under the skin to reveal the human body

as it has never been seen before in “INSIDE THE HUMAN BODY”, premiering on January 6th-

Did you know?

  • We have as many brain cells as there are stars in the galaxy (nearly 100 billion).
  • Human body has its own built-in clock. It is a collection of about 50,000 nerve cells on each side of the brain that act as an internal biological clock. 
  • Our brain works faster than any computer, processing an astounding 100 trillion instructions every second. 
  • Sight is the sense by which most information reaches our brains.


Revealing the workings of the human body on a scale never seen before, Discovery Channel brings one of the most comprehensive and definitive series of the highly evolved machine —the human body.


Starting January 6, every Monday at 9 pm on Discovery Channel, INSIDE THE HUMAN BODY is a deeply personal story of how our unique and amazing bodies make us who we are. 


Our body’s almost infinite ability to adapt and surprise is illustrated by the stories of remarkable characters whose bodies allow them to do amazing things, live in incredible places and push their physiology to the limits. Herbert Nitsch is a world-champion at free-diving and can hold his breath for a whopping nine minutes.  Moken sea gypsies in Thailand have an extraordinary ability to overrule an automatic reflex of the eye which allows them to see with amazing clarity under water.  Wim, the Ice Man, can swim in a glacial lake so cold that it would kill a normal person.   Drawing on spectacular graphics based on the latest science and stories of remarkable people around the world, presenter Michael Mosley takes viewers on a fantastic voyage through our inner universe.

Using breathtaking CGI, each episode begins inside a different human microcosm, providing a unique insight into our bodies and taking us on an astonishing journey through both space and time to show how different parts of our anatomy have evolved.

From the fundamental organs that keep us alive, to the development of the brain, locomotion and communication, and from the reasons for our unique ability to fall in love to the story of our immune system, INSIDE THE HUMAN BODY is an astonishing adventure inside and outside the human body which guarantees that you will never think of yourself in the same way again.



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