April 24th, 2013: Society has changed incredibly over the years. Today, men don’t learn how to become attractive as they are growing up. Consequently, too many men try too hard to impress women. Some men put themselves at a disadvantage because they try too hard when approaching women. Most women do not like men who try too hard.

The good news is, that a man called Joshua Pellicer has written a course named ‘The Tao Of Badass’ which helps teach men how to be attractive to women. This brief article will help to inform you, all about him and the course, so that you can decide whether or not to buy this program.

Josh has a lot of knowledge about dating. He owns his own dating firm, called ‘The Art of Charm’. The ‘Today Show’ featured Josh and his partner discussing their philosophy of dating, with the presenters. Josh described how men should have powerful body language that shows women they are honest and sincere. He also explained that men should not jump in at the deep end of interaction on first meeting a woman.

There are different steps to conversing with a woman: connecting with a woman, seducing them and attracting them. It’s important to be patient for ultimate success with a woman. The majority of men make a mess of this. However, Josh steps in and teaches men how to correct this.

Most women excel at body language. Although a woman might not know why they think someone is creepy, they are usually reading the man’s body language. They notice if the man is looking elsewhere in the room, or if they feel nervous. That is why chat-up lines do not impress women. Women can see straight through chat-up lines.

Fortunately, Josh does not educate men about chat-up lines or clever tactics. He helps men learn about the psychology of women. He sets out clearly, the differences between men and women, so men understand completely what women are looking for in a man. What’s more is that he clearly lists the most attractive traits that women are looking for in men and how to use these traits in your personality. This shows that Josh is the type of man who women love to be around. Having said that, Josh is not a man that sleeps with women and then dumps them. He values being able to attract women and have a long-term relationship. At the moment, he is in a long term relationship with a beautiful young woman. His current girlfriend knows what he does for a living and that he gives men relationship advise. Josh admits that this can be difficult because women usually enjoy being the boss of the relationship. However, it also proves that his techniques are effective.

To conclude, the Tao of Badass is not simply another relationship advise book that fails to live up to expectations. It is a holistic approach of proven techniques and psychological knowledge that helps men attract women and keep them by their side. Furthermore, it was developed by Josh Pellicer who understands what women want and has tried out all the methods in this e-book with success.

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