(Free Press Release) Hire Joomla Developer, a leading software development company feels proud to announce the continuation of Hiring services for Joomla Extension development.

HJD is an offshoot of a big software development company. They have a big team of Joomla extension developers which is exclusively do Joomla extension development. Their developers are working in Joomla extension development since the beginning therefore they have plenty of experience of Joomla extension development. They have successfully developed projects for the clients of different verticals of industry and this can be evidenced by their portfolio. They have provided utmost satisfaction to their clients in the Joomla extension development and this can be evidence by their testimonials. You can cross check their testimonials if you have any doubt. You can ask their previous clients about their online reputation.

They can create Joomla 1.0 and 1.5 extensions using the available Joomla libraries as well as Joomla core extensions. Their extensions developers have written forums, social networking profiles,job boards,and real estate listings as extensions.

HJD offers hire a developer services at affordable rates because they have development center in India where skilled labor is available at cheaper rates. You can hire a Joomla extension developer on one fifth rate of USA and can save your money. HJD offers various packages for hire a Joomla extension developer. You can hire a Joomla extension developer for full-time, part-time or on hourly rates. Full-time hiring consists of 8 hours work in a day while part-time hiring consists of 4 hours work in a day. Hourly scheme has no such limitations so they are most flexible one.

HJD offers following services for Joomla development:

Joomla Template Development
Joomla Extenstion Development
Joomla Migration to Joomla
Joomla Content Management System
Joomla Product development
Joomla Enhancement/Maintanance
Joomla Hire Dedicated Developer
Joomla E-Commerce Solutions
Joomla Booking/Reservation
Joomla Social Networking
Joomla Realesate/Property Listing
Joomla Multilanguage Support
Joomla Blogs
Joomla Notifications and Newsletters
Joomla Events and Calendars
Joomla Business Portals/Directories
Joomla Forums

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