is a hub for writers who write short stories. In fact, this hub is a great boon to writers because nowadays, writers find it difficult to reach readers. It is true that there is a spurt in the number of short story and poetry writers but not all of them may be lucky to reach the audience they are targeting. This is bound to cause frustration in them. says that these writers can now heave a sigh of relief because the website,, is an ideal platform through which these writers can reach a multitude of readers. They can reach other writers also including the experienced ones with whose help they can polish their writing skills. Even by going through the short stories and poems of other writers, casual writers can improve their skills., being a writers hub for short stories, can help in spreading the word about new publications also. Not only regular authors and writers but casual and occasional writers can benefit also because treats all writers alike and spreads word about the stories written by casual writers as well.

Being a writers hub for short stories and being an online platform, the reach of will be beyond anyone's imagination. Hence, those who are aiming to make it big as short story writers will find this platform highly useful and ideal. takes pride in bringing to the notice of serious as well as casual writers that they are hosting a short story competition. They urge writers to enroll in this competition. proudly announces that those who join this competition will have a chance to win a Kindle Fire. If writers make use of this great opportunity and win the Kindle Fire, that will be a great morale booster for them. They will be inspired to write more, points out In fact, the very purpose of hosting this short story competition is to encourage writers, emphatically asserts

About is a writers hub for short stories. Both experienced and casual writers can reach multitude of readers through this platform. The website spreads word about new publications also. is hosting a competition for short story writers. Those who join the competition will have chance to win a Kindle Fire.

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