New Jersey native John Papaneri is extending his progressive consulting practice to include monthly conversations with local Delaware business owners regarding driving new revenue streams and work efficiencies. The conversations will take place at designated location (check the events calendar here) in Dover and Wilmington.

This business to business outreach to Delaware is part of the Spread The Knowledge campaign that has taken much of South Jersey by storm. John J. Papaneri is no stranger to the world of anticapating market changes quickly enough to come out on top more often than not.

Papaneri shared; “At the end of the day, yesterday’s home runs don’t win today’s games. You have to be able to adapt on the fly. Competition is at its most fierst in decades if not ever. The more growth minded business owners who recognize the value of teaming up in joiunt venture-esque partnerships, the more we can all leverage the network to help our businesses grow.”

John Papaneri continues; “Part of creating a dedicated network where everyone is contributing useful value is to provide a forum for sharing ideas and spreading the knowledge to those who are also eager and willing to invest their time. By understanding how to discover and maximize new profit channels we make life way easier and fulfilling for everybody. What goes around comes around.”

Aside from these workshop like conversations, John Papaneri in New Jersey serves as General Confidence to a group of select firms who collectively build wealth with the environments well being in mind. When Papaneri has time (which isn’t often), he consults on construction process managemengt and creating efficient systems to thin out the bloat of mismanagement. Here’s a creative video someone made for John on YouTube:

Papaneri continues; “In my 20+ years of working with people from all walks of life, the best results in men come when they are sharing knowledge to make themselves better together. Selfish sabotage doesn’t even come into play because when we work together we connect the dots a lot quicker. And we all need more of that.”

Delaware has many business leaders who are disrupting the market place with modern ways of leveraging technology and collaboration to make these successful strides. The conversations were so popular in South Jersey they carried to a loyal following in nearby Delaware. Plans to expand geographically both online and offline have been delivered and are being deployed this upcoming quarter. On the web, Meetup groups to Spread The Knowledge are being created in Delaware, New Jersey and Philadelphia, PA.

One of his practice’s regional directors, Dennis Franklin, explains the growth of this ‘team first’ mentality that was seldom experienced in these areas before John came around. He explains; “Our leader, John Papaneri clearly demonstrates smarter, and more profitable ways of running businesses and life at optimum levels. It’s as simple is that. Those that get it continue to prosper.”

With Papaneri, family comes first. Everything he does has his family leading his direction. John J. Papaneri shares; “For me, family is the most important thing in the world. I kiss all the other sources of humility, grace and instinct and my heart and sould will always be with my family in mind.” John has recently setup a blog where you can discover more about the exciting and profitable ways of enjoying life connecting with John on LinkedIn:

Business Overview:

New Jersey’s John Papaneri is helping local Delaware business owners grow their businesses by working together together to get ahead. Conversations are happening in Southern New Jersey and Delaware. Check the schedule of events.