In association with hundreds of different businesses in Bahrain, JobCentre now offers to all registered Jobseekers, the card which will enable them to make massive saving s and take advantage of many daily special offers which the businesses are offering.The range of outlets which have joined the scheme is incredible, from  dentist to  travel agents, fast food outlets, supermarkets, Jewelry  and clothing stores. Hotels, car hire, restaurants, special events, sheesha cafes and many more, In fact every type of  business who  wants to take advantyage of the potential is accepted.

With thousands of registered associates, the card has tremendous potential to help any business attract new customers. Especially as the economic situation in the Middle East begins to bite and the subsidies which have been generously provided by the government in the past are now reduced, any way in which savings can be made are indeed welcome.

For a business to register as part of the scheme, they must only promise to honor the card in their establishment and offer either a discount on normal prices, or provide a special service or product at reduced prices.

Information is sent out immediately to inform the users who are linked directly to their WhatsApp account and Instagram, keeping them up to date and informed about the hundreds of daily offers and savings - which can also be accessed through the JobCentre Bahrain Discount App which is available from Google-play.

The card is given free of charge to its registered associates  and offered at  no charge for any business which is involved in the scheme, but as a socially conscious project to assist  out of work Jobseekers  to avail of discounts and special offers and at the same time offering more than 18,000 potential clients to businesses which are registered in the scheme.
Truly an innovative enterprise which is taking Bahrain by storm

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