China, June 13, 2014: Furniture and interior decoration define the purpose of any place. Furniture is of immense significance in order to make any place efficient according to its purpose. Offices, homes, factories, restaurants and every place need to have furniture according to the operations that is carried out there. Jingtaikeda restaurant furniture manufacturer is one of the top names in this field. It is a Chinese company and produces diverse range of tables and chairs to meet the ever-growing creativity in dining and hospitality. It manufactures furniture exclusively for restaurants, cafes, bars and eateries. There is significant variety in terms of shape, size, weight and colour of furniture.

Jingtaikeda is one of the top restaurant furniture manufacturers in China. The company manufactures wide range of products as it is evident from more than 2,000 models of furniture it manufactures and supplies currently. The furniture is designed by expert furniture designers in order to avoid slightest redundancy in design. The company has its own range of furniture. However, clients and prospective customers are welcome to order for custom-built design or personalise the existing range according to their preference. The company has suitable furniture designs for roadside eateries and luxury restaurants and all classes of dining facilities between those. Contemporary restaurant furniture, cafeteria furniture, canteen furniture, fast food furniture, club furniture, bar furniture, cafe furniture and hotel banquet furniture are some of the ranges of furniture manufactured and supplied by Jingtaikeda.

Jingtaikeda is one of the biggest restaurant furniture suppliers in China. It has earned the reputation that it commands presently not only by building robust and pleasant furniture but also through efficient service. The company provides professional advice to any individual or restaurant group that seeks it. More than a decade of experience in manufacturing and supply of restaurant furniture enables the company to offer advice on optimising the interior setup of the facility or designing it afresh. As a furniture supplier, the shipping service of Jingtaikeda is worth mention. It is not only at par with the best courier services in the world but also optimised to save shipping cost for buyers.

The warranty cover offered with all the furniture sets of Jingtaikeda is another factor that makes the company considerable in the restaurant furniture market. All its products carry 5-years manufacturer warranty. Besides, maintenance service is offered for lifetime for all products provided they are under normal use. Assistance can be sought from the company in case of difficulty in assembly or usage of furniture too.

About Jingtaikeda:


Jingtaikeda is a manufacturer and supplier of restaurant furniture. It was established in 1999 and is located in Dabailou Industrial Zone in Beijing. It has manufactures diverse range of furniture from simple to designer and contemporary to classic. Jingtaikeda has undertaken full cycle of development to supply and ensures valuable service for all its customers.