Going to the hospital or to a private clinic can be sometimes a bad experience. If you wonder what I am talking about, we are going to give you some examples right away. You are going to the a doctor and he gives you the wrong diagnosis, your are going to the dentist and he or she gives you a wrong treatment or you are going to a psychologist and he mistakes the results of your assessment. These are just a couple of the examples that can be subject for medical negligence claims. Making a claim has never been easier with Jeffries solicitors.


If you have been the victim of medical carelessness and you are planning on doing something about this aspect your source of information is surely the internet. If you find medical negligence and clinical negligence on different web sites and this get you confused, you should know that this aspect should never matter to you. These two terms are usually used as being synonyms and all solicitors will understand what you are talking about. The terminology is not important; make sure that you choose the one that you will remember so that professional can understand.


There is not one definition to medical negligence, but there are important aspects of the definition you should look at. As a simple definition you could say that a medical professional has treated you bad. When we are talking about medical professional we are talking about — surgeon, dentist, doctors and GPs, nurses, midwives, psychiatrics and psychologist. On the other hand, the types of medical treatment that can go wrong such as: cosmetic procedures that went wrong, birth injuries, cancer carelessness, neglect in any type of surgery. The list can go further than the examples we just gave you.


You now know some thing more about medical negligence claims and you might wonder what the next step. Second step you should consider is getting some legal pieces of advice. Jeffries solicitors can be your best friends and can help you get through the hard situation you are dealing with. We have one of the best teams that will help you better understand the situation and will guide you to the right decisions.


If you are still in the hospital and you are not happy with the care you are receiving, you can complain to the doctor in charge. This complain should be formal and you should explain that you would like to receive a detailed response. If this does not happen of if you are already out of the hospital, you should make complain to the Hospital’s Complaints Manager. Make sure that you will make your complain within 12 months since the treatment or lack of it if this is the case. If you will not be satisfied with the answer you receive, you can request a referral from an Independent Professional Reviw.



Jefferies Solicitors the best services in your area and If you have been neglected in a medical facility medical negligence claims should be your further step.