Often, after being involved in accidents at work, people can suffer from a state of shock, and the event is still vivid in their head, which makes it difficult to realize what they must do. You must inform someone about the accident and measures need to be taken. You need the help of professionals: Jeffries solicitors can assist you in filling for accident at work claims.


It’s not pleasant filling lawsuits against the company you’re employed at, but sometimes it’s necessary. After suffering from such an accident, you need to inform your director or manager of this accident, and proceed to obtaining evidence from your doctor and the work place, as to establish you have been a victim and are entitled to file for accident at work claims. With the shock and physical injuries suffered, it’s quite hard to do this by yourself. Jeffries solicitors can assist you in these matters, and can make this process more efficient, as well as more rewarding: they will establish just what sum you can expect to get from your company, if you have a winning case.


Obtaining evidence means browsing through the regulations stated in your Health and Safety contract agreed to by your company, and in the general legislation. Jeffries solicitors can take the burden of looking for evidence off your shoulders, although you will most probably work closely with your attorneys to precisely establish the time, place and general conditions under which the accident occurred. Photographs can have a significant role in all accident at work claims, and this includes both photos of the accident site and of the injuries you sustained. A person who has suffered an accident can hardly concentrate on this things and his vision is more subjective, so collaborating with professionals is the best way to successfully cope with such a situation.


Besides photographs, there are other related material about the moment of the accident and how it happened; the diagnosis you got from your doctor is highly relevant, as well as the treatment plan and any other prescriptions relating to your injuries. You should make sure that you attend a medic who can correctly assess your injuries and give you proper treatment. The medical department in your company can do that, or you can go to a general practitioner, depending on the seriousness of the accident. Accident at work claims can be successful if you know what steps you need to take.


Jeffries solicitors will work with you to asses which course of action must be taken, regarding your case. You may not be qualified for making claims, but you can only be sure of that if you ask for counselling form expert solicitors. If your case has merit, then the process will begin: establishing the exact time and date of the accident, conditions of work in your company and other factors which lead to the accident, getting evidence from doctors, establishing the compensation you are entitled to and finally submitting your lawsuit to Court. Attorney assistance is of critical importance if you want everything to go well.

Jeffries solicitors can help you file a variety of lawsuits successfully: road accident claims, personal injury claims, medical negligence cases or accident at work claims.