New York, NY; 30th May, 2014: Documentary photographers are few and rare and need immense help and support from people in order to continue their vocation. To help upcoming documentary photographers, Jay Peg was started as an online publication. It specializes in long form documentary photography from emerging photographers. The project was started when Hurricane Sandy hit New York City. Many photographers documented the event and required a portal to showcase their photographs. The first issue documented the aftermath of the hurricane. Initiatives for the second issue were sent for the second issue to a dozen photographers to cover the recovery efforts through their photography.

Jay Pegs’s major goal is to push promising photographers to crate and to ultimately help dictate the future of photojournalism. This time, the person who took initiative for the project is expanding the project with the third issue. This is being done by taking an international approaching to cover the rising gun culture. Giving boost to the amazing work captured by photographers across the world, (insert name) desires to contribute his bit to the world of photojournalism. The photographers have shot in-depth stories on the nature of guns in Yemen, Guatemala, Denmark, and the United States. They have come back from these spaces, having captured the immensity and the emotionality of the situations. These photographs need to be shown to the world and appreciated for their photographic and journalistic qualities. These will be printed in the third issue.

The third issue is almost ready, except for layout finishing and printing a small, first edition of it. With the help of the funds raised, it will not only be used for the current issue but also for planning and publishing the forthcoming issues. Jay Peg is a medium for emerging photographers. It employs its viewer base and network of editors to promote work that might otherwise go unseen by people across the world. It helps them in jumpstarting their careers for them to enter the professional world. Contribution from interested people will be of great help in developing the latest generation of documentary photographers.

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For Media Contact:
Name: Josh Raab
Email ID: [email protected]
Phone Number: 617-529-2308