PORTSMOUTH, NH, May 4 2016 - janegee is the New Hampshire Seacoast’s premier supplier of natural beauty products and skin treatment nh. janegee products utilize the healing powers of nature, and omit harmful toxic chemicals. In celebration of Mother Earth’s most fruitful season, janegee encourages its clients to connect with natural, enjoy the sunshine, and adopt natural detoxing practices this Spring.

The boutique frequently hosts community education workshops regarding women’s empowerment, skin health, organic beauty products, etc. This month janegee will be hosting a skin lab workshop all about essential oils! Essential oils have been trending in the health and beauty industry, and among the excitement there are also some misconceptions. The experts at janegee will be debunking the myths and discussing the proper usage of essential oils at this event.

In cultures all around the world, essential oils are utilized for medicinal and healing purposes — lavender essential oils are known to help soothe a headache, and tea tree oil can heal acne. By learning the proper way to reap their healing benefits, essential oils could become a staple for the health of your family. If misused, they can be dangerous and have adverse effects. janegee experts will answer all of your questions regarding the proper usage, safety, and powers of essential oils!

janegee takes pride in its community involvement, and is always planning new workshops and educational events for the public. Along with its community pride, janegee is passionate about natural skin products. The boutique is known for its full face waxing and acne treatment nh services. To keep up with all of its events and promotions, connect with janegee via social media, all accounts are linked on its website at http://www.janegee.com

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janegee is dedicated to providing holistic beauty treatments, wellbeing guidance, and products and clothes to help you live a little simpler. Explore all of janegee’s skin and body treatments available in Portsmouth, NH or online at http://www.janegee.com