Portsmouth NH, January 29, 2016 — janegee (www.janegee.com), a prominent company in the all-natural (skincare) movement, will be holding a skincare class, open to the community, on February 17th from 6pm-8pm. This educational session will focus on skin problems, such as acne and congested skin, and their natural solutions. The janegee team puts endless effort into providing their clients with the best natural skin products because they believe the natural movement is the key to living a healthy, balanced life. With monthly events, janegee hopes to guide the Portsmouth community on their path to wellbeing through the exploration of natural products, foods, and practices.

janegee's February 17th event will be a comprehensive introduction to the janegee philosophy of skincare, designed to empower clients to take control of their own skincare and skin health. The face reflects a state of vitality and health, which is why janegee wants the community to know that achieving great skin is simple. janegee believes that skincare is a partnership, education and cooperation between practitioner, product and client. The community will learn the why, the how, and be given the proper tools to support one’s own skin health.

janegee understands that uneven color and texture, patchiness, lines, breakouts, and other issues with the face are really indicative of deeper issues going on within the body. This informal chat on acne and congested skin is designed to be an evening filled with education, fun and facts to bring out their clients more natural, youthful and beautiful skin through the use of an organic acne treatment and their holistic beauty products, such as anti-aging cream and even peppermint soap.

About janegee
janegee is dedicated to being a natural provider of holistic beauty treatments, wellbeing guidance, and products and clothes to help you live a little simpler. Explore all of janegee’s skin and body treatments available in Portsmouth, NH. For more information visit us at: http://www.janegee.com