James Gillingham provides forecasts and tips for investors and traders working in the FX market. He predicts the “Cable” (GBP/USD) to fall to a further 1.10 in the near future.

James Gillingham, a foreign exchange market guru and rolling spot FX expert, has recently given predictions on the FX market surrounding the much-traded GBP/USD pair during a talk with investors. According to Gillingham, the “Cable” will fall to a further 1.10 as positive sentiment toward the Dollar grows, whereas the Sterling faces decreased bets. He explains to investors and traders how socio-political factors play a significant role in determining the success or failure of this historic currency pair.

“Deriving its name from the trans-Atlantic exchange rate transmission that took place over telegraph cables between the Great Britain and the USA, the ‘Cable’ is now the most traded currency pair in the world,” explains James Gillingham in a talk with FX investors. “Its high volatility depends on several political factors in both countries as well as investors’ sentiments and speculations.”

GBP/USD Hits 31-Year Low

The GBP/USD briefly hit a 31-year low of 1.2280 during trade in the first week of October, 2016. While the Cable struggles to recover from that low, James Gillingham(https://plus.google.com/113835154304214222634) believes that it will go to 1.10 in the near future. He backs his predictions with an outlook on the political situation in the two countries.

“With the UK government moving to block a parliamentary vote on the terms on which it will negotiate Brexit, the possibility of a sharp split from the EU remains a momentous disadvantage to GBP exchange rates,” states James Gillingham. “On the other hand, the Greenback invites positive investor sentiment as bets increase that Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton would become the next US President amidst a bad weekend for Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump.”

James Gillingham explains to investors and traders how an accurate outlook on the FX market can help them make profitable trades for their companies and clients. Using his personal success as an example, Gillingham cites situations in which he closed multi-million dollar deals revolving around FX, futures, options and real estate, thanks to accurate and well-informed forecasts.

About James Gillingham
With unrivaled knowledge and aptitude, James Gillingham (plus.google.com/113835154304214222634)  is a UK-based all-around expert in the investment field. He has worked for leading global financial institutions, including International Asset Management, a Mayfair based fund, and Close Brothers, a City of London based Investment Bank. Known by his colleagues for his passion, drive and determination, James Gillingham is an international innovator and businessman whose work has taken him across continents.

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