Margate City; NJ; 25, April 2015: Jade Funding has bucked the trend of commercial lending and small business loans with its unique case advance service that places zero restrictions on how funds are used, while also offering a high approval rate. With capital so conveniently available, the only thing business owners need to sort out is how to spend their new funds in the most effective way.

“Low cash reserves are the biggest handicap for new businesses,” explained Jade Funding Founder Jeremy Duboys. “Not only is expansion physically impossible without capital, but team members can’t be creative or innovative when their focus is on money rather than solving problems for customers. Jade Funding takes those worries away with its simple application, high approval rates and fast processing.”

Working Capital

Sometimes, business owners just need an infusion to cover day-to-day operations while they move toward a cash-positive position. Jade Funding’s no-hassle cash advance is perfect for just this scenario. Moreover, because repayment is tied to sales volume, owners need not worry about yet another fixed monthly payment.

Business Expansion

As the old saying goes, one has to spend money to make money. But what if there isn’t enough money to spend on a new endeavor and still make payroll and keep the lights on? Small business lenders are universally averse to risk. Indeed, many of today’s most pioneering brands would never have launched had angel investors not swooped in and funded what they knew was a winning concept. For fledgling businesses with a great idea, Jade Funding can also be an “angel.”

Major Purchases

Inventory, supplies and equipment cost money, but business grinds to a halt when any of these are broken or depleted. Customers are breathtakingly adaptable — they will leave a retailer or service provider behind in a heartbeat when it doesn’t deliver “the goods.” A cash advance can help businesses avoid temporary shortages that could otherwise spell doom.

Debt Consolidation

Paying off one or several high-interest creditors with a more flexible cash advance from Jade Funding makes good business sense. With fewer fixed expenses, small businesses soon find they have more resources for consolidating or expanding their operations.

About Jade Funding

Launched in 2015, Jade Funding offers small businesses a viable alternative to SBA and bank loans. The company’s easy and fast approval process ensures applicants receive their funds in days, not weeks, empowering them to get back to business.

For Media Contact:
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(470) 344-5233
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