04, May 2015: Jade Funding specializes in cash advances for small business owners, enabling those owners to build on the success of their venture. Once owners have the capital they need, out-reaching and mentoring programs can help insure that those businesses thrive.

The SCORE Association

Founded in 1964, SCORE is a non-profit organization that focuses on mentoring new businesses. They provide free business advice, free seminars and have helped thousands of new businesses grow and expand. There are countless pitfalls to running a new business, many of which are impossible to see at the outset. Partnering with experienced mentors can help a small business owner avoid these obstacles. Many of SCORE’s services are available online, via email, for convenience.

Startup Nation

Founded by two brothers, Startup Nation is a free networking website filled with informative blogs, articles and advice columns tailored for the new business owner. Startup Nation produces a weekly radio show with guests ranging from successful business owners to business educators. The website also offers a member-forum and a detailed map of their charters, allowing business owners to network as they see fit.

Small Business Administration (SBA)

The SBA of the United States is a rich resource of help for the small business owner. It was originally created in 1953 by an Act of Congress and continues to offer loans, grant and contract assistance, advice and various other services to thousands of businesses across the country. It is backed by the US Government, with all of the assurance of professional quality and oversight which that entails.

Chamber of Commerce

In the hustle to nurture and grow a new business, it is often easy to forget about the Chamber of Commerce. They can be a valuable asset to a business owner. Contacting a local branch will ensure a connection to a regional business community, who are informed on the issues facing business owners within that specific locale. The Chamber of Commerce is a historic institution that has stood the test of time. Partnering with the local community also allows business owners to plug-in to the specific needs of their customers.

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About Jade Funding:

Launched in 2015, Jade Funding offers small businesses a viable alternative to SBA and bank loans. The company’s easy and fast approval process ensures applicants receive their funds in days, not weeks, empowering them to get back to business.