19, September 2014: Autumn is acknowledged by experts as one of the best times to travel to Italy to experience the country’s fabulous festivals and celebrations. The best river cruises Italy has to offer stop at many historic towns as part of their itinerary, and if the timing is right there may be the opportunity to take part in one of the many colourful local festivals. 

The town of Ferrara is a popular destination for top river cruise companies and hosts a completely unique celebration in the first week of September. This year’s event is already causing great excitement. 

Unique Venue 

The warm evenings of late summer set the scene for Ferrara’s Street Dinner, which promises to be an evening of fun, intrigue and fine dining. The event aims to draw participants into a light-hearted treasure-hunt, which will lead them to discover new places while exploring the beautiful town of Ferrara an seeing it in a whole new light. 

History and travel buffs say is not surprising that Ferrara is a popular stop on the itinerary of the best river cruises. Italy has many historic towns worth seeing, but Ferrara has numerous buildings and palaces dating back to the 14th and 15th centuries. Its historic and cultural significance has qualified the town as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. During the Street Dinner event, the streets come alive with revellers and the city is lit up with spotlights and street lamps. 

The Game 

Representatives from top travel agencies recommend booking early for the Street Dinner event. Each participant is directed, via SMS and text message clues, as to the whereabouts of the dinner on the actual night of the event. This year, the treasure hunters will be required to don all white clothing to signify their participation in the games; this will also give them full access to the city, games and local discounts. 

Let The Hunt Begin! 

The text clues will be sent to the participant’s mobile phone, which will lead them to places throughout the city to collect a table, two chairs and two menus. The climax of the game is the revelation of the event’s exact location, which in previous years has been held in stunning spots like just outside the city’s grand cathedral. The combination of role-playing and social activities culminates in a gastronomic event featuring local cuisine laid out under the stars. 

Ferrara makes for an excellent and exciting stop on the itinerary of the best Italian river cruises. Italy continues to rate as one of the top destinations for cruising and events like the Ferrara Street Dinner only strengthen its appeal. 

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