(Free Press Release) It‘s time to face your worst date on
´Date Trap 2‘ only on UTV Bindass
This Friday, watch Mikhil and Nikhil meet the unexpected date of their lives!
Get ready to have the time of your life by setting up your dear friend on their most disastrous date ever, on UTV Bindass‘ brand new season of Date Trap presented by Arise Mobiles! This season of Date trap 2, maintains its core concept with an addition of a new element to the format, now you can set your friend up for a date at any location you please, from the weirdest, crowded to the strangest and many more. Where else will you get a chance to see your friend puzzled, confused, upset or just in plain shock when they meet their date at places like, a dance bar or a swimming pool… but on Date Trap 2 anything is possible!

The season premiere of Date Trap 2 begins with Prachi and Mallika set their friends up on the most awful date of their lives, a date sure to have both the participant and the viewer in splits. Watch the two contestants willingly contend to set up their friend‘s on their date from hell, for a cash prize, thus leading to a hilarious showdown!

The first mayhem was instigated with Prachi, who informed her friend Mikhil about Nafisa, a suave doctor, who expresses an interest to meet him at a restaurant but requests to be picked up from her clinic for the date. As soon as Mikhil walks in he is welcomed by the receptionist at the clinic who offers him a lollypop and shows him the way to Nafisa‘s cabin. When Mikhil enters, Nafisa is experimenting with a skeleton rather than checking her patient, Lekha, who is pregnant and starts purring like a cat. Suddenly an animal rights activist enters the cabin and starts questioning the victim as she cannot watch animals getting harmed. She blames Mikhil for having kidnapped and hidden the animal. Mikhil is taken aback and totally confused. He sees no way out of this unruly mess!

Setting the stage for the perfect showdown, the second gag has a Tattoo parlour set up, where Mallika has convinced her best friend Nikhil to go on a date with Musskan, Rocker chick and tattoo love. When Nikhil reaches the tattoo parlour, he is greeted by Sahil, who is a doctor cum tattoo artist cum poet and an old aged tattoo guru Dhaval, who can‘t see nor can he hear properly but is still a tattoo Guru. The rocker chick just shakes the floor off Nikhil, with her cool, young, mod attitude and on the other end the doctor, who pretends to be the rocker chicks ex boyfriend, bores Nikhil to the core with his trashy poems. By now Nikhil is losing his patience when tattoo guru forces him to get a tattoo done immediately!!

Tune-in to the season 2 premiere of Date Trap, which has begun with some stomach crunching gags played on Mikhil and Nikhil. Watch all the fun and pranks unfold and to know who won the cash prize on Date Trap 2, 19th August, Friday 7pm, only on UTV Bindass.

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