Isha Koppikar judges upcoming superstars on Big Magics Big Fame Star


They came. They performed. And now, it’s their turn to conquer! Contestants on BIG MAGIC’s superlative reality show for the upcoming superstars, BIG Fame Star have a brand-new beginning to look forward to. After weeks of auditions with the mentors, BIG Fame Star is now ready to showcase the best youth from Central India as they hone their skills and progress on their journey to superstardom. Adding to the glitz and glamour quotient of the show will be actor Varun Badola and actress Isha Koppikar who will judge the talent that resides deep within the being of the contestants.


Auditions were conducted across multiple towns and cities in Central India, following which 24 finalists have been selected who are now being groomed towards becoming the superstars of tomorrow. Be it showcasing a wide range of emotions or presenting a dance performance before the judges, these finalists will now put their best foot forward and showcase their talent and abilities on BIG MAGIC’s BIG Fame Star. As judges, Isha Koppikar and Varun Badola will now be completely responsible in testing the star quality within the 24 finalists and crowning the final winner of BIG Fame Star.


Speaking about joining the judging panel, actress Isha Koppikar said, “I am very excited to be a part of BIG Fame Star. The show provides the youth of Central India with an incredible platform to achieve their dreams and become the superstars of tomorrow. I am joining Varun Badola who has already seen these contestants during the auditions and am looking forward to presenting a fresh perspective to these young talented individuals as they nurture their talent in an attempt to reach the top. BIG MAGIC has always provided a platform to the residents of Central India and I am ready to partake in this new journey that the channel has undertaken through BIG Fame Star.”


So, don’t forget to tune in as Central India readies to crown its most talented youth superstar-in-the-making.


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