Deerfield, IL — Today released Version 1.5 of iScripts PrintLogic, the online designing and ecommerce software for the printing industry.

This professional software package gives business owners the ability to offer services similar to Vistaprint and CustomInk. End users can quickly design and purchase printable products online by using the software as a vehicle to customize tee shirts, caps, mugs, bags, plaques, signs or any other type of printable product offered by a business or its vendors.

iScripts PrintLogic can be used as a standalone solution to create an online printing business or for owners looking to take an existing brick-and-mortar print shop online. The software is equipped with a variety of features, making it flexible enough to use for online or offline ordering. For businesses that have an existing POS system, the software can be set to function for offline payment.

After purchasing and installing this script on a server, site administrators may select one of five ordering methods that best fits their business model. Business owners allow users to design printable products by using an advanced editor with built-in capabilities such as the ability to upload photos, add or adjust clipart, text and font or swapping products mid-design. Colors used for printing and image selection can be modified and restricted by the site administrator.

Additional key perks and features automatically built into PrintLogic include Facebook and Twitter integration, multiple payment gateways, a variety of shipping methods, and unlimited categories, products, users and vendors,

Priced at $497 for an owned license, iScripts PrintLogic is distributed with full source code (like all other iScripts products), enabling users to customize and adapt the software as needed.

The script can be tailored to fit specific website needs of businesses as it supports custom site content, banners and logos. A more thorough listing of features is available at

In addition to iScripts PrintLogic, offers a variety of other open source web applications. Its products include iScripts MultiCart (multiple vendor shopping cart), iScripts SocialWare (social networking software), iScripts GoStores (ecommerce website builder), iScripts EasyCreate (online website builder software), and iScripts MultiCart Enterprise (multi-vendor total ecommerce solution).


iScripts develops and markets online business software for service providers and entrepreneurs. The company’s turnkey web software products include solutions for social networking, web hosting management, site builders, online billing, store builders, online data backups, marketplace and shopping cart software, and more. All the software is distributed with full source code and a 30-day refund policy.

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