Many forget that technology is becoming more integrated in our daily life, we take it for granted and the day our technology stops working, we realize the frustration of dealing with a tech free life. Does it really matter if we are so dependent on technology?

Ellie Jane said “Today we have to be Cyber Streetwise, I am a mum and I do understand the implications of private or even professional information going public on social networks without approval”

Does it matter so much if our kids are losing their natural networking skills and using Facetime to communicate rather than displacing in physical terms to go meet and have a chat? Digital life is what we can call life right now. So many people have tried separating their phone from themselves even for a day — most couldn’t disconnect. There is always that one time when one wants to check messages, emails and even catching up on Facebook — especially that moment when you are stuck refreshing Facebook on your phone and the same updates come up.

Technology does help in many terms as well — dyslexic, dyspraxic, and autistic people nowadays are being helped by technology. One doesn’t realize the true value of something unless that person loses it, and in this case technology acts as an enabler for people who are less able than others. Equality and fairness can be helped by technology advances. What is big data? Everything than can be recorded and measures is big data. The output of big data is meaningful information that can be stored for current and future use.

Many don’t realise that wearable media such as Fitbit, smart tech that measure your sleep patterns and even your home gym are “big data” enabled. They are gathering so much information about you. The device that holds the most big data for you, your work and family life is your phone. Nowadays, everything is synced — calendars, music, videos. Internet history, emails, appointments, documents, contracts, pdfs and future plans. All of this data can be found on your phone.

Have you ever thought of security and encryption issues for your devices? Due diligence with your gadgets is one thing, however device encryption is another. The security issue here is if one of your devices lands in bad hands, big data becomes available to another party whom you don’t know. That situation puts all of your devices at risk. We do like to live in a more connected world, but with it comes a big bundle of consequences. If you don’t have a risk mitigation plan for your devices in your household right now, then you are one step away from realizing the true impact of big data becoming public knowledge and its effects on your private family life. One device which leaks your personal, professional or private info will really harass you for a long time and invite one to many troubles. It is critical to start considering security and encryption options right now to be let technology help you in your family life rather than causing you trouble.

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