With all these negative media surrounding obesity, one would surely be able to tell that this condition is not only a medical issue but also a social one. It has been a disturbing fact that more and more people are very much alarmed that obesity has become your household sickness.

Indeed, there is so much negative implication that one would surely have when one is obese. Not only that your health is at risk, you are also putting yourself in an embarrassing in which you are found to be the laughingstock and talk of town. Surely a lot of people might put you down and make fun of you. Thus, it is of this very reason that one has started finding some newer ways and techniques to lose weight and avoid becoming the obese person.

Getting rid of obesity:

The answer to all this is very simple and yet it is the most difficult thing to do. It is discipline. It is not wrong to eat foods but it is very wrong to eat excessively and it is even worse to eat unhealthy foods. The toll of which would be very unsettling and that would become your most fearful condition, obesity.

But then, we often have heard a lot of success stories and inspirational narratives of people who have made it through the whole ordeal and got to achieve a fitter and healthier body. But then, one should also know that it would only take a matter of time — give it 3 months to a year, that most of these survivors might return to their old demons and resort to excessive and uncontrolled eating again.

In fact, a study has shown that those who have completely made a total transformation that made it consistently all the way through is nothing close to a myth. It is because those people who have actually done this are considered nothing more but mere legends and you would often just hear such story from a common friend.

Unless one underwent a major operational procedure or had a hormonal imbalance that would excessive weight loss, one cannot completely credit the healthy lifestyle and healthy eating being the source of that transformation.

Even if you have finally lost weight, the negative stigma of going down the road again and humiliate oneself to binge eating would be far too traumatic. Thus, one should know that the effects of obesity would leave a significant mark on the person.

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