Professional Dream Analyst/Author/Researcher Craig Webb explains how intentional and shared dreaming is indeed possible, like what is unveiled in the new scifi action movie Inception, directed by Chris Nolan (“Dark Knight”, “Memento”) and starring Leonardo DiCaprio as a corporate spy able to hack into people‘s dreams.

While involved with pioneering Stanford University dream research, Webb designed interactive/lucid dream technology that is now used worldwide, and explains the surprising benefits and little-known risks of intentionally directed (a.k.a. lucid) dreams, new findings about the frequency of such dreams amongst the general public, and how such skills can be learned by virtually anyone.

Webb, Executive Director of the non-profit DREAMS Foundation, is also a columnist for SyFy, a consultant for Fortune 500 corporations, major motion pictures, and presents public/academic seminars internationally on dreams, lucid dreaming, teaching proving techniques to recall, analyze, practically apply, and consciously guide dreams. With over fifteen years of international work in the field including over a thousand personal lucid dreams, Webb speaks with a balanced blend of science, pragmatism, time-tested experience and humor.

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