Today was marked by the launch of Grassrootbiz, an online crowdfunding platform and resource, which provides an opportunity for ideas and projects to find support and funding from the community. What sets this company apart from the competition is its open minded and all inclusive approach towards ideas.

Crowdfunding as a concept is rapidly catching on globally. Any idea, cause, or concept that requires funding, resources, volunteers, knowledge sharing, or anything else involving the participation of a group of people can be put forth as a crowdfunding project. Crowdfunding is increasingly finding acceptance as a strategic solution to the problem of artificial barriers between the investors and the creators. By bringing them together and providing an interface for them to connect and communicate directly, crowdfunding is enabling both the creators and their backers to exercise more control over the projects.

Recently, successful crowdfunding campaigns have managed to raise millions and rewarded the trust of their supporters.

Ubuntu Edge, a “high concept” smartphone is a project that is now synonymous with the idea of crowdfunding. The campaign raised more than $12 million over a period of one month.

Video games Star Citizen and Elite: Dangerous both ran high-target crowdfunding campaigns, which raised funds that were more than double the target amount.

3Doodler by WobbleWorks LLC is an amazing concept that creates 3D prints out of drawings and doodles. With their successful crowdfunding campaign, they raised in excess of $2 million as opposed to their original target of $30,000.

As the CEO of Grassrootbiz, Michael McCants puts it, “Crowdfunding is the product of modernization and globalization. ‘Coming together to create something new’ has taken on a new meaning. Communities are forming that span across countries and continents. We wanted to provide a platform for people to come together and affect the changes they believe in.”

The company based in Croton on Hudson, NY has not placed any restrictions on the category or type of fund raising projects that can be launched on their website. Grassrootbiz intends to support the funding campaigns with the backing of a highly trained and experienced staff and professional infrastructure. To find out more about their goals and the projects they support, visit their website